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Birthdate:Nov 10
Location:Bellwood, United States of America
Ben 10:Alien Force
Canon/RP Universe

Name: Darkstar (Formerly/legally Michael Morningstar)
Age: 18
Eyes: Blue/Black depending on what mood I'm in and whether or not I've eaten lately...seriously. Usually black.
Skills/Abilities: Super Strength, energy draining/assimilation, Indigo Beams(? even I don't know, it just sort of happens) energy blasts, and looking like a corpse. Yes, I know.

Affiliation: N/A. Loose canon covers it nicely. I'm not out to conquer the galaxy like some tentacled lunatics I know. That's a little too much, if you ask me. I'm not some goody two shoes hero boy either..or a Plumber, those idiots are overrated anyway. Seriously...helping dirt farmers who farm asteroids? Ugh. Why use your powers to help people like that? I use my powers to get whatever I want. Right now, I'm wanting revenge. You know who you are.

Note: Darkstar is untrustworthy and dangerous. That given, he's not a megalomaniac or an unrestrained sadist. If he isn't hungry or angry, he won't attack at random. While he does consider himself superior to others, he's also emotionally unstable when it comes to the human spectrum of emotions. Words and actions can set him of significantly easier than other, full blooded humans. He can sometimes exhibit signs of empathy, but rarely does anything about it.

OTHER Incarnations:

One of the Lieutenants who was left in charge of Earth, specifically North America after the fall of Ben 10,000. Darkstar rules North America from a mansion in an undisclosed location, he has several identical copies built around the country, but only one he actually lives in. He is privately preserving plants and animals in hopes of restoring some of Earth's wildlife should he ever come to power. In the meantime, it is just a hobby. His favorites are tropical birds...and his lynx, Giselle.

He also currently has a secret underwater cloning facility where he is cloning copies of individuals he finds "important" to fill voids left by those who were killed before he can usurp the Eryoyety, his current overlord. The facility is overseen by Angela, a recombinant clone he created using his mother's DNA. In many regards, he considers her his daughter, though she is unaware of their genetic connection and Darkstar is intentionally keeping this from her.

A Series of Disappointments Michael:
Significantly different from all the other incarnations is that, thus far, he has shown no signs of being anything other than completely human. He excels at school, athletics, and is popular...but he can't help but feel that his mother is hiding something from him as she seems to distance herself from him at every opportunnity. Their relationship is strained even more after the death of his father.

Is a Flying, Talking, Magic, Glittering Pony. He's like Mike...but a Pony...and totally happy and glittery...I think he's an escaped personification of Mike's repressed feelings. This pony thing doesn't know what ANGST IS! IT IS HIGH ON GLITTER AND JOY 24/7. He remembers events that have happened to Mike...but is totally a pony. Likes sugar lumps, carrots, ribbons, hugs, and OMG! GLITTER. Tends to come out on April 1 and CRACK! days.

THE OTHER DARKSTAR: One More Crack Incarnation. This Darkstar doesn't just wan't your mana, he wants your life! Just like the Beldam in Coraline! And he even has tacky button eyes. He's from the other side of the hidden door...but he can't hurt you unless you agree to let him take your eyes.

Role Reversal Mike/Darkstar:
An Alternate Universe of the Alien Force timeline where the human/alien roles of Mike's parents are reversed.
This Mike never drained the girls from his prep school...he never even went to that school. Following his alien father's death, his human mother isolated him from society in fear of him being revealed as a human/alien hybrid. This Mike can be naive, friendly, moody, overemotional, humorous, and other words, he's nothing like Alien Force Darkstar. He does not wear Darkstar's iconic mask.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic-verse
In this Universe, Darkstar is a rather shabby Pegasus Pony who lives in the Ever Free Forest in a treehouse in a gnarled willow tree. There, he enjoys watching the various birds that make their homes in the trees. He has a younger fraternal twin brother named Luckystar who is outgoing, handsome, and very successful in everything he does. Darkstar is significantly shabbier than his brother and is less acclimated to social situations. He got his cutie mark quite awhile after his brother, but is still unsure of what exactly it means. His father is a Pegasus pony and his mother is an Earth pony. None of which are anywhere near as shabby as he is.

He is being constantly harassed by a unicorn filly named Charmcaster, though he may have feelings other than complete irritation for her.

A Note from the Mun: Michael Morningstar/Darkstar is an antagonist that appears in the show Ben 10: Alien Force and belongs to Cartoon Network. This RP Journal is exactly that. Darkstar-Mun wishes to say "hi" to the interweb and thank you all for stopping by!

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